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Lithium Consulting (Li-Con) is a mechanical and electronic engineering firm that offers its consultancy to companies that have ideas they want to transform into products.
Often these companies are forced to devote their technical resources to products that need to be launched in the very short term or to manage those already in the production line. It follows that it is impossible to focus ongoing energies on new product concepts, which in fact represent the future of the companies themselves: Lithium Consulting is able to fill this gap.
Lithium (from the Greek word ‘lithos’, stone), is the lightest metal and the least dense solid element. So light, more than any liquid, that is floats on water and oil. It is an extremely reactive alkaline metal, with the greatest specific heat of all the solid elements. If burned, it develops a blinding silver flame. It is the symbol of lightness, energy and reactivity.
Three characteristics that form part of Lithium Consulting’s genetic code and which Lithium Consulting makes available to its clients by offering services in the field of research and development and product engineering.


In order to possess the three characteristics “lightness, energy and reactivity” the Li-Con Studio avails of human resources with different skills, also resorting to outsourcing.
In 140 m² engineers (robots, mechanics, electrical), draftsmen, programmers, and designers can all work side by side in perfect synergy.
Thanks to this work method, over the years a team of expert professionals has been built up, guaranteeing quality, promptness and efficient communication.
These skills are made available to the client in the most appropriate manner, in the aim of providing an organic, fast and responsible response.


Just as our responses to the client are always organic and reliable, so is the Studio’s project idea, starting from the Concept: the innovative idea to think about, the problems to be solved, the production requirement up to the Industrialisation: supporting the Client in improving the product in virtue of the demands of the end user/consumer or the production problems
By sharing the specifications with the Client, the work can be divided into several phases:

  • Design
  • Planning
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Filing of patents

Thanks to this formula, projects are also finalised in terms of size and difficulty, with timeframes in compliance with the Client’s requirements.
Among the categories of products created: coffee machines, mechanisms for technical blinds, automotive components, components for inverters.


Lithium Consulting

Li-Con Studio Ingegneria – Via P. Veronese, 40 – 50053 Empoli (Fi) Italy – +39.0571.81706info@li-con.eu

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